Find out about programs and initiatives to improve school road safety in the City of Stirling.  Here you can also find out about how to become a school traffic warden.

Assistance for schools

It is common for most schools to have difficulties with managing traffic during pick-up and drop off times. The rapid increase in vehicles and competition for parking space for about 15 to 20 minutes each morning and afternoon can be a problem for everyone involved. The City of Stirling aims to work with schools experiencing problems with traffic management by developing and implementing a range of educational, environmental and engineering strategies.
A number of activities can be used to help manage road safety and traffic issues. Some examples include: 
  • Assistance with developing parking strategies 
  • The development and implementation of road safety and parking guides to encourage better use of facilities 
  • Promotion of walking and cycling to reduce congestion
  • Implementation of the Parking Warden program
Please contact us you would like assistance with school road safety issues.

Primary school parking wardens

The Primary School Parking Warden program was implemented by the City of Stirling to assist schools in improving traffic flow and encouraging safer parking practices. The program is free and available to all schools.
A parking warden is a concerned parent, teacher or resident who voluntarily helps keep the traffic flowing during pick up and drop off times.
Making use of parking wardens can be an effective part of any school’s initiative to improve traffic management. A parking warden can advise motorists one where to park safely and legally during the peak pick-up and drop-off times around schools. Parking wardens are especially recommended when a ‘Kiss and Drive’ area is in place.
Schools wishing to initiate the Parking Warden program need to contact us  to submit their request. Rangers will assess the school to determine if the program is suitable. All schools with a ‘Kiss and Drive’ area are encouraged to participate in the program.
If suitable, school volunteers will be trained by the rangers to become parking wardens. Once the training is complete, a roster is created and the parking wardens can begin their work. The City will liaise with the school and the parking wardens regularly to monitor progress and provide assistance as required.

Interested in becoming a school traffic warden?
Interested in contributing to child safety at schools in the City of Stirling? The WA Police are looking to establish a pool of Traffic Wardens to fill current and future vacancies across the metropolitan area.


The position of Traffic Warden is to ensure safe pedestrian access of essentially primary age children across carriageways at children’s crossings.

Working conditions

Standard crossing times are every Monday to Friday during school terms, 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon.
Full training and uniform provided.


$18.54 per hour, which includes 20% casual loading, plus laundry allowance of $0.60 per week and motor vehicle allowance also payable under certain conditions.
11 months, renewable contract opportunities are available.
(Terms and conditions of employment are those provided by the Minimum Conditions of Employment Act 1993).

To apply

For further information and an application package contact the State Warden Traffic Management Unit:
Applicants must have:
  • Current WA drivers licence
  • Access to a vehicle.
Applicants will also be required to complete:
  • Health assessment
  • Criminal check
  • ‘Working with Children’ card, if successful.
You may be eligible for reimbursement of up to $70 for your health assessment once you have completed 1 month work as a Traffic Warden (receipt required).