While parties are fun, it is important to be considerate to your neighbours and ensure the safety of your friends and family. Here you can find advice on how to make your party safer and minimise the impact on your neighbours. Access to information on alternative transport is also provided.

Having a party?
Follow our advice to make it safer and minimise the impact on your neighbours:

  • Let your neighbours know you are holding a party
  • Maintain a moderate level of music—speak to your neighbours to determine what is reasonable and acceptable to them, neighbours generally expect volume levels to reduce as midnight approaches and are less likely to complain if this is done
  • If parking is a problem, consider offering alternate transport and parking options for guests and do not allow your guests to park on neighbours’ verges without their consent
  • Ask guests to leave quietly so as not to disturb your neighbours
  • If you are serving alcohol, do so responsibly and don't let guests drive home if they have been drinking.
You should Register your Party with the WA Police. This will assist police and the City's security patrol officers should they be called to your party to help with a disturbance. Registration must be done at least one week prior to the event.

Drinking and driving

If alcohol has been consumed, consider alternatives to driving by checking out our TravelSmart section.