Changes to the firebreak requirements

To understand your full responsibilities and options available, please refer to the Bush Fires Act 1954 Firebreak Notice 2016-17

Under Section 33 of the Bush Fires Act 1954, land owners and occupiers in the City of Stirling are required to make preparations on their land to reduce the risk of fire during summer.

The City has changed the annual firebreak requirements for 2016/17. Now land owners and occupiers of blocks less than 2000m2 have the option to

    1. Remove all flammable vegetation (through slashing/mowing) or

    2. Install a continuous 3m wide firebreak.

All properties greater than 2000m2, that are either vacant or have a building on it, must have a continuous firebreak of 3m wide installed.

All land owners and occupiers must ensure

  • Roofs, gutters and walls of all buildings are free of flammable materials which can catch fire and burn
  • Trees and shrubs are pruned
  • All dead flammable material is removed from the property.

Firebreaks are necessary to

  • Help prevent the spread of fire
  • Allow easy access for emergency vehicles
  • Provide a break from which back burning can take place.

Land owners and occupiers in the City of Stirling are required to install firebreaks on their property from 30 November 2016 and must maintain them up to and including 31 March 2017.

The penalty for failing to comply with the requirements is a fine of up to $5000.


Fire Danger Rating and burning restrictions

Click here to visit the Department of Fire & Emergency Services website for today's Fire Danger Rating.

Burning off – backyard burning, burning off and the use of incinerators are unlawful practices within the City of Stirling.

Barbeques – solid fuel BBQs must only be used for the purpose of cooking. No solid fuel fires are to be lit on days rated from VERY HIGH to CATASTROPHIC temperatures.


Is today a total fire ban day?

Click here to find out whether today is a total fire ban day.

No fires are permitted when a total fire ban is in place.