Your safety and security is very important to the City of Stirling. Find out about the services provided by our rangers, security staff and environmental health officers. Information on Internet safety, party safety, food hygiene, graffiti, road safety (including speeding and child car restraints), environmental pollution, fire safety and septic tanks is also available here.

Environmental pollutants

Environmental pollutants such as dust and smoke can cause significant health issues including asthma and other respiratory problems. Other environmental pollutants comply with firebreak and burning regulations during the summersuch as noise can impact on the amenity of our community. Find out about the City of Stirling’s environmental safety services.
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Food hygiene safety

Good hygiene and food safety practices can prevent food poisoning and other food-borne illnesses. Find out about the City of Stirling’s food safety and hygiene checklists. Information on safe food practices at home is also provided here.

Cyber safety

The City of Stirling libraries provides informative talks to provide parents with expert knowledge about cyber safety issues for their children. This section also contains links WA Police and federal government websites on cyber safety.

Party safety

While parties are fun, it is important to be considerate to your neighbours and ensure the safety of your friends and family. Here you can find advice on how to make your party safer and minimise the impact on your neighbours. Access to information on alternative transport is also provided.

Road safety

Find out what the City of Stirling is doing to combat speeding and hoon behaviour and how you can help. Here you can also find out about school road safety, how to become a school traffic warden, and the correct use of child car restraints.

Fire safety

Land owners and occupiers in the City of Stirling should ensure that they comply with firebreak and burning regulations during the summer, and conduct regular checks of their property for fire risks.

Health and wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing builds on this definition of health to incorporate the whole picture of health and includes diet and nutrition, exercise and emotional health. It is the balance of mind and body as a unit. These elements are further described here along with useful links to relevant web pages both within and external to the City's website.
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Septic tank decommissioning

Septic tanks are full of untreated wastewater which if abandoned and incorrectly decommissioned, can leak contaminants into the soil and groundwater. Find out about requirements for decommissioning a septic tank.