Pet Registration

If you own a dog or a cat, find out how to have your pet registered with the City of Stirling including registration deadlines, registration options, fees and fee structure.
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Animal Care Facility 

The Animal Care Facility located in Balcatta, houses lost and wandering dogs picked up by the City of Stirling Rangers and provides an adoption service for unclaimed pets.
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Find out about cat ownership in the City of Stirling including local laws, sterilisation subsides, cat identification, prohibited area cat permits and dealing with nuisance cats.
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This section has been designed to educate dog owners in the City of Stirling about their obligations under State and local laws, and to the community in which they live. Find out about dog registration, sterilisation, micro chipping and exercising here.
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Other domestic animals

Find out what other domestic animals are allowed to be kept within the City of Stirling. This page contains information on keeping bees, rabbits, pigeons and poultry.
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Pest control

The City of Stirling can provide you with assistance if you are having pest problems related to European wasps, flies, mosquitoes and rats. Find out about how to identify these pests and how to control them.
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Native wildlife

Find out what to do and who to contact should you find sick, injured or orphaned native wildlife in the City of Stirling. This page also contains information on snake removal.
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