​Did you know that yearly and three-yearly dog and cat registrations expire 31 October?

All dogs over the age of three months and cats over the age of six months must be registered with the City and microchipped. The City offers yearly, three-yearly and lifetime registrations with discounts available for pensioners.

This section will guide you to where you can get further information to register either your cat or dog.


Cat Registration

In 2011, the Cat Act was introduced by the State Government requiring owners of cats to microchip, sterilise and register their feline pets (over the age of 6 months). Find out about cat ownership in the City of Stirling including registration, sterilisation subsides, cat identification, prohibited area cat permits and dealing with nuisance cats.

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Dog Registration

All dogs over the age of three months old residing in the City of Stirling must be registered. This page contains information on fees, transfer of dog ownership and how to apply to keep more than two dogs.

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