Dog owners have a responsibility to ensure their dogs do not impact adversely on the community. Find out information relating to wandering dogs, barking dogs, dog attacks and dog fouling in the City of Stirling.

Stray and lost dogs

Your dog should never be allowed to wander as it could cause a nuisance in the community. Roaming dogs may attack people, wildlife or other animals. They are also at risk of being hit by a car or causing a car accident. The best way to stop your dog wandering is to keep it in a safe environment, with secure fences and gates and where it has a comfortable bed with protection from the sun, rain and wind.

If you find a stray dog, try to confine it in your back yard or garage and call a Ranger on (08) 9205 8555.

If your dog is lost contact the City of Stirling's Animal Care Facility.

Barking dogs

Barking dogs are dealt with by the City's Rangers if you need to speak to someone for advice you can call 9205 8555.

Barking is a dog's natural means of communication and often signifies its alertness to danger or intruders. However, a dog that persistently barks in a manner which is not considered to be normally habitual in dogs constitutes a nuisance.

If a dog barks continually without reason, the cause may be lack of training, insufficient exercise, loneliness, inadequate shelter, ill health or deliberate or unintentional provocation by people or roaming dogs.

Barking, whimpering, howling, whining, yelping and moaning are sounds made by dogs for communication. However, excessive noise can be a real nuisance, especially for neighbours. The City of Stirling fully appreciates that a barking dog can often severely disrupt people's lives and erodes their quality of life. However, the treatment and the solution of a barking dog is often a lengthy, difficult and complex issue to deal with.

Once we receive a complaint about a dog barking, the parties involved will receive information about how nuisance dog noise complaints are investigated and tips to remedy the situation. The dog owner will be contacted and given time to take measures to reduce the noise issue. If the barking subsides to an acceptable level, no further action will be taken at that time. If, after adequate time to address the issue, the dog is still causing a nuisance, the complainant will be asked to complete a "Dog Noise Diary". These diaries assist with the collection of evidence required to substantiate the issue of an abatement order and subsequent infringements for the dog owner.

Residents are encouraged to try to improve the barking situation by:

  • Politely speak to the dog owner and advise that their dog is causing a nuisance or 

Leaving a note in the letterbox giving the owners some information about the times the problem occurs

More information for owners and neighbours is available by downloading the information sheets below:

Barking Dogs - Dog Owner D3

Nuisance Dogs - Affected Residents D2

Dog attacks

The City of Stirling treats dog attacks very seriously as they can cause severe injury. A court can order a dog to be destroyed if, without provocation or reasonable cause, it has bitten someone.

The penalties for owners whose dogs attack others are harsh - you are responsible for your dog's behaviour. To reduce the chance of a dog attack:

  • Always keep your dog under control
  • Always supervise children around dogs and keep them away from dogs when they are sleeping, eating or with their puppies and
  • Educate your children on safe behaviour around dogs.

If you are involved in a dog attack seek the appropriate veterinary/medical assistance, then contact the City immediately via email or by phone on (08) 9205 8555.

Dog fouling

Please ensure you do the right thing to keep our environment a pleasant place for everyone to enjoy and pick up after your dog.

Under the City's Local Laws , owners of dogs must take responsibility for removal and disposal of dog excreta.

All dog parks and reserves have specially designated bins and pooch-pouch provisions for your convenience.

If you would like more information, contact the City's Community Safety section via email or by phone on (08) 9205 8555.