Dog sterilisation

There are a number of benefits for everyone (including your dog) when your dog is sterilised? These include:
  • Less chance of your dog developing certain types of cancers and infections
  • A less temperamental and easier to manage pet
  • A reduction in dogs escaping to mate and therefore less chance of your animal being injured or lost
  • Reduced registration fees
  • Less frustration for unsterlised male dogs who do not have access to a mate
  • No unwanted litters and therefore less vet bills
  • Less unwanted animals are euthanasia.
The two main reasons dogs are not sterilised is the fear that the procedure will hurt the animal and the associated cost. However, most dogs are fully recovered and back to their normal behaviour within 24 hours of sterilisation, with no lasting discomfort or pain.

Sterilisation discount

To help with the cost, the City of Stirling is offering all residents a discount on dog sterilisations.  Residents sterilising their dog at Karrinyup Small Animal Hospital, 455 North Beach Road, Gwelup Ph: (08) 9447 4644 will receive a discount off the normal price of dog sterilisations, upon proof of City of Stirling residency (conditions apply).

Discounted price

If you are a City of Stirling resident you are eligible for this discounted sterilisation service through Karrinyup Small Animal Hospital.
The following charge applies if the dog is registered at the time of sterilisation or is already registered:
Dog Spey:               $200.00 per dog
Dog Castration:     $170.00 per dog

Dog micro chipping  

Under the amended Dog Act 1976, there are now legal requirements for dogs to be microchipped - please see further details below.

  • With effect from 1 November 2013, all new dogs (pups and other dogs being registered for the first time) and where ownership of the dog is changing, must be microchipped
  • All dangerous dogs must be microchipped by 30 November 2013
  • All other dogs have to be microchipped by 1 November 2015
  • Any dog released and / or adopted from an animal pound must be microchipped
  • A veterinarian can provide an Exemption Certificate if it is likely that the microchip will adversely affect the health and welfare of a dog.
To help with the cost, the City of Stirling is offering all residents discounted prices on dog micro chipping. Benefits of microchipping include:
  • A permanent form of identification
  • It is an easy procedure – one quick injection just under the dog’s skin by a vet
  • Allows your dog to be identified 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which means beloved dog can be identified easier and therefore returned quicker.

Microchipping subsidy

If you are a City of Stirling resident you are eligible for this discounted micro chipping service through Karrinyup Small Animal Hospital at a rate of $37.50 per dog.

If your contact details change it is important to contact the Central Animal Registry on (02) 9704 1450. A microchip is only as useful as its contact details!

If you would like more information, contact the City's Community Safety section via email or by phone on (08) 9205 8555.