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Responsible dog ownership                                                  

For the wellbeing and safety of your dog and the community, please ensure your dog: 

  • can be confined to the premises at which it lives
  • is under control of a competent person, and  on a leash of not more than 2m in length whenever in a public place
  • is only exercised off-leash in designated areas. You must carry a leash to ensure your dog can be restrained if required
  • wears a collar with ID tag displaying your name, address and contact number along with a current registration tag for easy identification
  • is microchipped (mandatory as of 1 November 2013 for all puppies once they have reached 3 months of age, all dogs being registered for the first time and if ownership of the dog changes; all other dogs by 1 November 2015. All dogs classified as a dangerous dog are required to be microchipped by 30 November 2013).

If you or your dog disobey any of the requirements, you may be fined.

This section is to inform dog owners within the City of Stirling of their obligations under State and local laws, and of their obligations to the community in which they live. Find out about dog registration, sterilisation, microchipping and exercising here.

Dog exercise areas and beaches

Find out more about using the various dog exercise areas and dog beaches in the City of Stirling.
Go to Dog exercise areas and beaches

Dog registration

All dogs over the age of three months residing in the City of Stirling must be registered. This page contains information on fees, transfer of dog ownership and how to apply to keep more than two dogs.
Go to Dog registration     

About Responsible dog ownership

For the well being and safety of your dog and the City of Stirling community, it is important that you look after your dog(s) responsibly. Find out about your obligations as a dog owner.
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Dog sterilisation and microchipping

The City of Stirling provides dog sterilisation and microchipping subsidies for residents of the City of Stirling.
Find out where to get your dog microchipped and/or sterilised, how much it costs and the subsidies available.
Go to Dog sterilisation and microchipping

Dangerous Dogs

This page contains important information about dangerous dogs (restricted breed, declared dangerous dogs or commercial security dogs) in the City of Stirling. Find out which dogs are classified as dangerous dog breeds and regulations about keeping and breeding these dogs.
Go to Dangerous Dog breeds

Stray and nuisance dogs

Dog owners have a responsibility to ensure their dogs do not impact adversely on the community. Find out information relating to wandering dogs, barking dogs, dog attacks and dog fouling in the City of Stirling.
Go to Stray and nuisance dogs

Information and Applications 

Dogs Local Law 2008.pdfDogs Local Law 2008124 KB 2/02/2012 10:13
Dangerous Dog Ownership Leaflet.pdfDangerous Dog Ownership Leaflet120 KB 22/05/2014 8:01
Keeping Your Pet Safe During Storms Fact Sheet.pdfKeeping Your Pet Safe During Storms Fact Sheet184 KB 1/12/2014 14:38
Dog Attacks Fact Sheet D1.pdfDog Attacks Fact Sheet D1308 KB 23/07/2015 14:32
Keeping Your Pet Safe During Storms Fact Sheet D5.pdfKeeping Your Pet Safe During Storms Fact Sheet D5184 KB 23/07/2015 14:30
Keeping more than 2 dogs D4a.pdfKeeping more than 2 dogs D4a177 KB 4/06/2015 16:45
Barking Dogs - Dog Owner D3.pdfBarking Dogs - Dog Owner D3348 KB 24/02/2016 16:01
Nuisance Dogs - Affected Residents D2.pdfNuisance Dogs - Affected Residents D2339 KB 24/02/2016 16:12
Responsible Dog Ownership Brochure.PDFResponsible Dog Ownership Brochure336 KB 28/07/2016 15:32
Transfer of Pet Ownership Form.pdfTransfer of Pet Ownership Form51 KB 18/08/2016 13:37
Dog Registration Form.pdfDog Registration Form91 KB 19/09/2017 10:30
Keeping more than two dogs D4b - Application.pdfKeeping more than two dogs D4b - Application150 KB 15/09/2017 14:08