​Find out about services and facilities provided by the City of Stirling. Here you can find information on services for families, women, men, seniors, and people with disabilities. Information on animals and pets; rubbish and recycling; and road, street and verge care is also provided here.

Animal and pets

Here you can find information about owning pets and animals in the City of Stirling, including regulations, your obligations and the services provided by the Animal Care Facility. Information on pest control is also available.     Go to Animals and pets

Community Men's Shed 

The City of Stirling's community men's shed is a not-for-profit facility that will allow members to engage in woodworking projects, create opportunities for social interaction among men, and raise awareness of men's health issues. Find out how to get involved.
Go to Community Men's Shed

Connecting to Wi-Fi

Do you want to find out where the City's Free WiFi zones are and how to log on? Go to Connecting to Wi-Fi

Emergency management

In event of an emergency, the main role of the City of Stirling is to manage the recovery of the local community. Find out about the City of Stirling's emergency management committee and plans. Go to Emergency management

Home and community care 

The City of Stirling provides numerous home and community care services for seniors, frail aged people and people with disabilities. Respite for carers is also available. Find out about podiatry, meals on wheels, transport, domestic and personal care at home, and adult day centres. Go to Home and community care

Health and safety

Here you can access information on health and safety provided by the City of Stirling. Go to Health, safety and security

Justice of the Peace

The City of Stirling provides a Justice of the Peace (JP) service. Find out how to access Justice of the Peace services.
Go to Justice of the Peace


The City of Stirling implements Local Laws and Parking Agreements to maximise the use of available space and to provide access to parking for all motorists. If you wish to appeal your infringement, you must do so within 28 days from the issue of the fine or further costs may be added. Go to Parking

Rangers and Security

Your safety and security is very important to the City of Stirling. Find out about the services provided by our rangers, security staff. Go to Rangers and Security

Roads, streets and verges

The City of Stirling is responsible for road, street and verge care in the City. Find out about the City's annual capital works program. Information on bus shelters, street lighting, street trees, roads, weed control, drainage and foot paths is also available here.
Go to Roads, streets and verges

Rubbish and recycling

The section contains all you need to know about rubbish and recycling in the City of Stirling, including information on bin collection days, the Balcatta Recycling Centre (tip) and verge collections. Go to Rubbish and recycling

Seniors clubs and activities

The City of Stirling provides many activities and events for seniors such as Autumn Clubs and the Stirling Silver program. Find out how to get involved. Go to Seniors clubs and activities

Services for families 

The City of Stirling has a dedicated team focussed on building stronger families and communities. Find out about the services available to families and the work being undertaken by the City to promote the wellbeing of women, men, children, young people and parents.
Go to Services for families