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Stirling Players' fourth season features two young directors, Scarlett Greenock and Cassidy Pemberton, both directing for the first time, and experienced director Andie Holborn.

Long Live the King by Yvette Wall, directed by Scarlett Greenock

The year is 1547. King Henry VII has died. His daughter Lady Elizabeth and his son Prince Edward, who is now king, are told the news and discreetly wander off on the estate accompanied by Prince Edward's troublemaking companion, Lady Lucy. Unexpectedly, they meet a farm girl, Alice, whose presence causes tensions to rise and truths to be told. Friendships ae born and enemies made. Long live the king!

A Year and a Day by Christina Reid, directed by Andie Holborn

A travelling Storyteller and a girl meet in a land devastated by war and famine. The Storyteller remembers and conjures a long-long-ago land of peace and plenty, a beautiful garden inhabited by the kritters of the land, the trees and the water, and then the humans come to the garden, two tribes who worship different Gods. The Storyteller's tale of the corruption and loss of the ancient garden is a love story that becomes a never-ending story of old ghosts who still haunt the earth, a legend with a warning for the girl and the audience, "Don't be seduced by the music. Don't look back."

A Work in Progress, written and directed by Cassidy Pemberton

Alex is an author trying to write an amazing debut novel, about a fantasy world and a prince and his companions trying to rescue his love from a wicked sorcerer, but Alex has no idea how to end the book. Alex keeps rewriting the ending, picturing the different scenarios happening, but none of them seem to fit. How will Alex end the book and is help needed from the characters in the book Alex has created?

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  • 6, 7 & 8 September at 8.00pm
  • 9 September at 2.00pm

Bookings open on Monday August 6 through Morris Newsagency 9446 9120

Venue: Stirling Theatre, Morris Place Innaloo

The Stirling Players are proudly supported by the City of Stirling.