This page includes information on sports funding sources from the City of Stirling and State Government agencies, especially the Junior Travel Assistance program, as well as sponsorship opportunities and benefits.

Junior Sports Travel Assistance

City of Stirling residents under 18 years of age who have been selected to represent their chosen sport at state or national level*, at an interstate or overseas location, may be granted a donation of $100.00 towards travel costs.
*Please note that applications for Junior Travel Assistance for the representation of individual schools are ineligible.
  • Any person aged 18 years or younger at the date of travel.
  • Applicants must travel outside of Western Australia.
  • Applicants must be residents to City of Stirling.
  • Applicants must be selected to represent Western Australia or Australia by the appropriate state association or sporting body.
  • Successful applicants will only be eligible for one Clubs Forever Junior Travel Assistance payment per financial year.
  • Applications may be made three months before the travel date.
Each financial year the City of Stirling allocates a set amount of funding towards Junior Travel Assistance, once this funding has been exhausted no further funding will be available.

Junior Sports Equipment & Youth Participation Grants

Clubs Forever Youth Participation and Junior Sport Equipment Grants are designed to provide financial assistance to clubs and groups located within the City of Stirling. The grants aim to encourage young people to participate in physical activity.

The Youth Participation Grant includes structured and non-structured sports and recreational pursuits that promote ongoing involvement in physical activity whereas the Junior Sport Equipment Grants are available for the purchase of durable items of equipment to assist the sporting teams.

Clubs / groups must be a registered member of the City's Clubs Forever program to be eligible to apply.

Allocation of funds criteria

Funds are to be used to increase awareness and encourage physical participation of young people in sporting and recreational pursuits.

Examples that may be considered eligible for Youth Participation Grants are:

  • Come and try days
  • Have a go sessions
  • Registration days incorporating additional activities
  • showing awareness of increasing participation
  • Coaching clinics
  • Physical participation events and programs

Funds are not be used for activities which are the responsibility of the State or Federal Government funding programs or activities, which are curriculum based or a part of a school's core activities.

Junior Sport Equipment Grants are to be used for the purchase of equipment items of a durable and team nature. For example:

  • Team and club equipment such as footballs, soccer balls,
  • cricket and athletics equipment for team usage and line markers.
  • Transferrable officiating items such as whistles, umpire
  • uniforms and umpire flags.

Funds are not to be used for non-durable equipment, items of a personal / individual nature or items of a non-team nature. For example, the grant could not be used for the purchase of team uniforms.

Funds are not to be used for any additions, new buildings or upgrading of existing facilities.

Schools and playgroups are not eligible.

Apply here: Junior Sports Equipment and Youth Participation - Application Package

External funding

Below is information about funding from the WA Department of Sport and Recreation (DSR), LotteryWest and Healthway.
For more funding sources, please visit the Clubs Forever funding page .

WA Department of Sport and Recreation

The Department of Sport and Recreation administers a number of funding programs.
General funding programs include:
  • Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund (CSRFF)
  • Sports Lottery Account (SLA)
  • Trailswest Funding Program
  • Alcoa Coach-in-Residence Program.
Regional funding programs include:
  • Healthway Country Sport Scholarship Program (CSSP)
  • Skywest Airlines Country Sport Development Program (CSDP)
  • Country Sport Enrichment Scheme (CSES).


LotteryWest  is the official lottery for Western Australia, and redistribute the profits of games to programs or initiatives that benefit the wider community. This includes support for hospitals, sporting organisations and the arts.
The Lotteries Commission Act 1990 determines the ways in which the profits from the sale of lottery products are returned.


Healthway  provides grants for health and research projects in Western Australia, as well as sponsorships for sport, arts and racing events that encourage healthy lifestyles and advance health promotion programs.