Please follow the links (below) to be directed to the applicable Department of Sport and Recreation resource:


Department of Sport and Recreation - The lead agency responsible for the implementation of government policy initiatives in sport and recreation. A key role of the department is to contribute to the health lifestyle of Westerns Australians by increasing physical activity in the community through sport and recreation.

Australian Sports Commission Healthy Club Checklist - A tool to assist State Sporting Organisations and their clubs with their overall management, governance and planning both at a strategic and an operational level.

ClubsOnline | Club Talk - Helping sporting organisations stay relevant, business smart and connected with new communication technology.

Community Volunteer Project - The Community Volunteer Project (CVP) will train, recognise, support and provide innovative opportunities for volunteers to create, sustain and boost the next generation of 200,000 community volunteers.

Community Sporting Club Equipment Subsidy - This scheme provides valuable assistance to local sporting clubs in Western Australia to help increase and upgrade shared sporting equipment for club members.