This page provides information for club leaders who need resources for promoting and managing their clubs.

Promote your club

Make sure your club is registered with us and included in the Club Guide. Fill in a Clubs Forever registration form.
Please also ensure that your club’s contact details are correct. Please go to the Community information database page  and follow the instructions.

Club management tools

Here are a number of free club management tools to help your club achieve its goals.
The Healthy club checklist  covers health and safety issues such as:
• Smoking
• Alcohol and other drugs
• Sun protection
• Sports safety
• Healthy eating.
The Sportsafe checklist  covers safety issues specifically related to sports, such as:
• Inspection of playing areas and equipment
• Medical issues
• Use of protective equipment
• Training and development of coaches, officials and players
• Warm-ups and cool-downs
• Proper hydration
• Injury prevention
• First aid
• Policies, regulations, codes of conduct, rules etc.
• Safety audits
• Insurance
• Safety plan.
For more information, please contact the City of Stirling Club Development Officer.