The Clubs Forever program helps clubs and community organisations develop efficient self-management and create sustainable clubs. Register now for funding, free seminars, resources, newsletters, and more. Find out more about Clubs Forever.


Clubs Forever is a program designed to provide clubs and community organisations with ongoing support to ensure current and incoming members have the tools toClubs forever
develop efficient self-management and create sustainable clubs. Find out more about the program.


Clubs Forever provides guidance for fundraising as well as several grants including a Youth Participation Grant, Junior Sport Equipment Grant and capital works funding. Find out more about raising funds through Clubs Forever and some external agencies on this page.

Clubs Forever Rotary Junior Sports Scholarship

The Rotary Club of Balcatta offers 2 sports scholarships of $2750.00 each, to help junior sportspeople in the City of Stirling achieve their potential at state or national levels. Find out how more about the award, the winners, and how to apply.


Clubs Forever organises a range of club management seminars. Don’t hesitate to let us know what you need. Find out what seminars are currently on offer.

Resources for club management

This page provides club leaders with resources for promoting and managing their clubs.


All clubs that register with Clubs Forever will receive a regular newsletter. You can read current and previous issues from this page, or notify us of anything you would like to include in the newsletter

News, updates and achievements

Find out the latest promotions and updates on Clubs Forever programs.

Clubs Forever Goes Green

‘Clubs Forever Goes Green’ encourages local sporting clubs to implement 5 simple sustainability practices, that are achievable, without compromising their ability to develop their sport, encourage participation and recruit volunteers. Find out how your club can play its part.

Contact and feedback

Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or feedback. We would love to hear about your fundraising efforts, so please send us pictures and write-ups! Find out how to reach us by phone, or email.

Forms and Information

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Clubs Forever Plan Template.pdfClubs Forever Plan Template247 KB 20/02/2012 10:34
Clubs Forever Registration.pdfClubs Forever Registration208 KB 20/02/2012 10:34
Capital Works Brochure.pdfCapital Works Brochure312 KB 6/02/2014 13:47
Kidsport Referral Agent - Tip Sheet.pdfKidsport Referral Agent - Tip Sheet67 KB 3/03/2015 12:50
KidSport Referral Agent registration form 2014.pdfKidSport Referral Agent registration form 2014118 KB 3/03/2015 12:51
Junior Travel Assistance Brochure.pdfJunior Travel Assistance Brochure642 KB 17/07/2015 9:01
Junior Sports Equipment and Youth Participation - Application Package.pdfJunior Sports Equipment and Youth Participation - Application Package994 KB 17/07/2015 9:08