​Skate and BMX Facility Strategy

The City’s Skate and BMX Facility Strategy was developed in response to a growing demand for skate and BMX amongst the local community and to address the limited skate and BMX facilities currently provided within the City. Taking into account the demographical data and industry trends, extensive community consultation was undertaken to quantify community need and inform the future provision of skate and BMX facilities.
To learn more about the Skate and BMX Facility Strategy, please view the video below:

Alternatively, if you would like to see the full PDF Strategy document, please see the link below.
Skate and BMX Facility Strategy 2013.pdfSkate and BMX Facility Strategy 2013

Strategy Status

The Skate and BMX Facility Strategy (Strategy) was endorsed in September 2013 and since this time the City of Stirling (City) has been progressing the implementation of the Strategy's recommendations. Stage A of the Strategy is the first stage to be implemented and includes the Princess Wallington Reserve Satellite Facility (Balga), Scarborough Beach Satellite Facility and Woodlands Incidental Facility. Current available progress updates for individual facilities are listed below.

Princess Wallington Reserve Satellite Facility

The City undertook extensive community consultation in June 2015 to develop conceptual designs for the Princess Wallington Reserve Satellite Facility. Consultation included 8 workshops with local schools, community mail-out distributed to over 1,500 households, community survey, facebook page, stall at the Balga Friday Markets, community group meetings and information stalls at local centres such as Mirrabooka Shopping Centre and Herb Graham Recreation Centre. The community survey received 262 submissions with 42% being from the suburb of Balga. The community provided overwhelming support for the facilities with 95.4% of respondents supporting the project.
The final concept designs were presented to Council on Tuesday 8 December 2015 and were approved inclusive of multi-courts and parkour elements.
In addition to approving the concept designs, Council approved in-principle an overall Community Parkland Plan which identified additional key infrastructure which will be planned in conjunction with the skate and BMX facility. It includes a regional playground, carparking, cultural corridor and parkland and community event and market space.
The final concept designs for the skate and BMX facility as well as the Community Parkland Plan are available below:

   Princess Wallington Reserve Skate and BMX Concept Designs

The Princess Wallington Community Parkland is currently undergoing design and documentation stages with timeframes to be confirmed at a later date subject to Council budget consideration.
Recently, the City was awarded a High Commendation for the overall Princess Wallington Community Parkland project. The High Commendation was awarded by Parks and Leisure Australia (PLA) for the Leisure and/or Open Space Planning category and was presented at the PLA State Conference in June. The award recognised the project's exceptional level of engagement with the community and innovative planning approaches.
The City would like to thank everyone who participated in the consultation process to date and looks to continue this positive engagement with the community throughout the project.
We invite you to watch the Community Consultation Video which was developed to effectively present the design development journey of the skate and BMX facility.



Scarborough Beach Satellite Facility

The Scarborough Beach Satellite Facility is being progressed by the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) and is part of the wider Scarborough Master Plan. The formally adopted Scarborough Master Plan was released in September 2015 and includes the creation of a skate park along with other foreshore upgrades such as new play areas, green open spaces and piazzas.

Construction is well underway for the Scarborough Master Plan and is scheduled for completion in March 2018. To view the Master Plan, artist impressions or latest updates please refer to the MRA's website

Click 'here' for the MRA's website.


Doubleview Ward Incidental Facility

An incidental facility was listed for Council consideration in the 2016/17 financial year and was deferred by Council for future consideration. The City is currently reassessing opportunities within the Doubleview Ward to provide an incidental facility for the community and will look to list the facility for the 2017/18 financial year subject to Council budget consideration.

Dianella Regional Open Space Satellite (Dirt BMX) Facility

The Dianella ROS Dirt BMX Facility was originally proposed within Stage C of the Strategy's recommended implementation. However, there is an opportunity to progress consultation and design of this facility to provide dirt BMX options in the City. The City is looking to undertake consultation with the local community of this facility in 2017 to guide design outcomes and is seeking an expression of interest for those who would like to be involved in this particular facility.

If interested, please email Leisure Planner Natasha Nicholson at stirling@stirling.wa.gov.au or phone 9205 8555.

Carine Skate and BMX Facility

The Carine Skate and BMX Facility is an existing concrete facility located at Carine Regional Open Space with access from Beach Road Carpark. Recent additions of support amenity have been undertaken to improve the use of the facility and includes seating, entry pathway, shelter with table, signage and a drink fountain as shown in the below Landscape Upgrade Plan.


Future Updates

The City provides Skate and BMX email updates to inform community members who want to be involved in future consultation opportunities or updated on upcoming developments. If you would like to receive updates, please click 'here' to subscribe or email stirling@stirling.wa.gov.au.

If you would like any further information please email stirling@stirling.wa.gov.au or phone (08) 9205 8555.​