Are you thinking of celebrating a special occasion in a City of Stirling park? We can ensure your child's birthday party, Christmas function, wedding or corporate event goes off without a hitch, simply follow the steps below to a hassle-free, enjoyable event:
As our reserves are public places so we cannot grant exclusive use of any part of a reserve or allow any part to be cordoned off. Casual spectators and members of the public cannot be excluded from using a reserve.

Organising an event on a reserve within the City of Stirling?

An important aspect of organising events is to ensure that the event is safe and successful. The City has a range of documents and applications necessary to assist with the relevant legislative requirements necessary for organising certain types of events.

To ensure your event complies with local laws and other legislative requirements and to help you through the application process and better plan a successful event, it is essential that you click on the 'Event Guidelines and Requirements' link below.

Event Guidelines and Requirements

Booking of Special OccasionsBooking of Special Occasions

Before you proceed, please be advised that alcohol is not permitted on any City of Stirling parks or reserves.
Not sure if you need to fill out a form? If you answer yes to any of the questions below please proceed to 'Step 1':
  • Will your special occasion involve over 100 people?
  • Will your special occasion be open to the public?
  • Will you be bringing any entertainment items onto the park? (Bouncy Castles, Party Ponies etc.)
  • Do you require vehicle access to the park?
  • Will you be selling food?

If you answered 'no' to the questions above, enjoy your special occasion! If you would like to check if there are any community events taking place on the park you have chosen click here.

Not sure which park to hold your special occasion on? Click here for a list of our most popular parks.

Step 1: Read the Frequently Asked Questions document.
Step 2: Choose the relevant form for your special occasion from the list below:

Birthday Parties
Christmas Functions
Church Group Gatherings
Company Picnics

Playgroup Fun Days
Professional Filming and Photography
Weddings & Photography
Corporate Bookings (Team building exercises and other medium sized corporate bookings)

Step 3: Complete the form and email it to Your form will go to the Recreation and Leisure Services Business Unit and an officer will process your application and you will be advised of the outcome in writing.