This section contains information about the many parks and reserves located in the City of Stirling, as well as their facilities such as playgrounds and barbecues. Find out more, and how to book a special occasion at a park or reserve.


The City of Stirling’s Adopt-A-Park program aims to involve the local community in issues associated with the life of their parks and reserves.
We have more than 450 parks and reserves enjoyed by thousands of local residents. Although the initiative has a community safety focus, it also recognises the valuable role residents play in reporting park maintenance issues.

School Bookings

There are numerous reserves available to City of Stirling based schools for sports carnivals and physical education lessons. Find out more on this page.

Sportsground Bookings

The City of Stirling has 51 sportsgrounds which can be booked by organised sporting clubs. Find out more on this page.


The City of Stirling had around 330 regional, major and local playgrounds evenly dispersed around the city, and has in place a review, refurbishment and replacement program to ensure they are well maintained. Find out more about playgrounds in our parks.
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Weddings, Parties, Anything!

Why not plan your special occasion on one of the City of Stirling's 477 parks? Find out more about our parks.


Slacklining is the activity of walking a small, flat nylon rope (or webbing) between two anchor points. The guidelines on this page apply to all slacklining on City of Stirling public open spaces.

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