This section contains information on City of Stirling recreation and leisure facilities and programs such as beaches, parks and reserves, arts and events, community, recreation and sports facilities, sports clubs etc.

What's on

This page contains information on current events happening in the City of Stirling. Check back regularly or subscribe for email notifications to stay up to date!
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Arts and culture

The City of Stirling is committed to supporting arts and culture in our community, through awards and competitions, funding, displaying of public artwork, and developing our own art collection. Find out more about our arts programs.
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The City of Stirling has some of the most popular beaches in the Perth area, as well as great coastal facilities such as the Scarborough Amphitheatre. Find out more about our beaches in this page.
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Community centres

There are 14 community centres in the City of Stirling, which provide residents with a range of facilities for hire, as well as several on-going recreational programs.
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Parks and reserves

This section contains information about the many parks and reserves located in the City of Stirling, as well as their facilities such as playgrounds and barbecues. Find out more, and how to book an event at a park or reserve.
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Personal Training

Personal Training can be conducted on most City of Stirling reserves and parks. Find out more about how to apply for use of a reserve and other information.
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Stirling Leisure Centres

The City of Stirling operates six sport and recreation centres, including two aquatic centres and three Health & Fitness Centres. Find our more in this section.
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Hamersley Public Golf Course

The Hamersley Golf Course is open to the public 7 days a week from sunrise to sunset. Find out more about location, fees, bookings, conditions of play and other facilities on this page.
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Tennis facilities

There are many tennis courts all over the City of Stirling. Bookings can be made through the booking offices listed in this section, which also contains hire rates and information on tennis clubs in the City.
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Indoor Sports

The City of Stirling takes great pride in the variety and quality of our indoor sporting competitions. Sports is a great way to keep fit, meet new people and participate in friendly competition. Played across 3 sites, there's sure to be a sport, day and location to suit you.
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Sports clubs

This section contains information on the various programs that the City of Stirling organises to support sports and community organisations within our boundaries, especially Clubs Forever and programs for culturally and linguistically diverse groups.
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Cycling and Walking

This section contains information about walking and cycling for recreation in the City of Stirling. Find out about our excellent walking trails and the Women on Wheels program.
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Event Planning and Opportunities

Planning an event information can be found in this section as well as information regarding sponsorship opportunities
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