Women-only social riding groups

A number of women-only social riding groups operate around the Perth metropolitan area on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings. These groups are run by ladies who have 'graduated' from our Wheelie Wonderful Women training program and who love cycling so much that they just want to keep on riding!


Wednesday Easy Riders:

Suitable for ladies who want a leisurely ride of around 15km. A great group for those getting back into cycing or with low fitness.

Wednesday Ladies:

The longest and fastest of the weekly rides are held on Wednesdays. Rides are usually 40km (or more), often on road, and at a fast-medium pace.

Friday Ladies:

 Rides are at a medium pace and between 20 and 40km. Suitable for someone of average fitness.

 Saturday Ladies:

A great option for beginner cyclists or those wiht low fitness levels. A leisurely ride of around 15km.

Sunday Ladies:

Rides are at a medium pace and between 20 and 40km. Suitable for someone of average fitness.


In order to ensure the safety of all group members, you must be able to competently perform the following basic riding skills in order to join one of these groups.

  • Start riding without wobbling
  • Stop your bike in a controlled manner
  • Looking behind you without wobbling OR have a rear view mirror on your bike
  • Ride one handed and signal before turning or stopping
  • Control your speed when riding down hill
  • Use gears properly to ensure consistent speed and for safety
  • Ride slowly
  • Ride 2 abreast.

In addition, you must know:

  • How to fit your helmet correctly
  • How to conduct a bicycle safety check before starting a ride
  • The road rules for cycling when riding on-road and on shared paths.
  • You must wear a bicycle helmet, and your bike must be safe and in good working order.

Rides are organised by members of each group and details are circulated a few days in advance.  To find out where and when to jon the Ladies in Pink on their rides, please email cycling@stirling.wa.gov.au or call 9205 8910.