​​​​​The Stirling Community Centres - WK Moir - Balcatta was opened in 1980 as the state's first dual-use facility. The centre includes a sports hall and dance studio which are used by the school during the day and by the community outside school hours. 


Location and parking

The Stirling Community Centres - WK Moir - Balcatta is located on the grounds of Balcatta Senior High School. There are approximately 45 car parking bays immediately off Poincare Street as well as a further 20 bays available for patrons of the centre, though these may also be utilised by members of the public attending the school.


Stirling Community Centres - WK Moir - Balcatta

Balcatta Senior High School
31 Poincaire Street
Balcatta WA 6021

Rooms available for hire

Stirling Community Centres - WK Moir - Balcatta has two rooms that are available for hire on a casual ('one-off') or regular ('on-going') basis. The rooms are listed below along with their main features. For fees and charges, please refer to the following section.

Sports hall (a.k.a. gymnasium)

  • 450m² wooden parquetry floor line-marked to accommodate four badminton courts and basketball

  • Access to kitchenette featuring sink, kettle, microwave, bar fridge

  • Access to change room and toilet facilitiesStirling Community Centres - WK Moir - Balcatta

M5 dance studio

  • 144m² wooden floor, half sprung, half parquetry
  • Mirrored wall
  • Air conditioning and small fans
  • Access to toilet facilities
  • Chairs


Fees and Charges

The City of Stirling's Council endorses the fees on 1 July each year and they are applicable until 30 June. The fees listed reflect the standard rate of hire; community rates of hire are available on request, however, only not-for-profit organisations verified by the City are eligible for the community rates. A bond, also known as a security deposit, is charged against all rentals.



​Sports hall

Any time​

$39.00​ per hour

Low risk*​$500.00 per rental​

​M5 dance studio

Any time​

$33.00 per hour​

No risk*​$100.00 per rental​

*The exact bond to be charged against t​​he rental is determined through the booking process.


How to make a booking

To hire the Stirling Community Centres - WK Moir - Balcatta an application form must completed and submitted to the office, which initiates the booking process.  Before submitting an application form, the below instructions must be accepted/undertaken.

  1. The Terms and Conditions of ​Hire must be read and understood.
  2. The suitability and availability of the centre must be checked with the office (contact details listed under Administration and general enquiries). If application is approved, an officer will confirm via email or telephone, at which time a $50.00 non-refundable deposit will become due.  Payment of the deposit will allow the application form to be processed and documents confirming the successful booking will be emailed by close of business the same day.

Please be aware that submission of an application form does not, in any way, guarantee or confirm the booking. The booking process can take up to five business days from receipt of the application form.​

^Please note that this facility is not suitable for any functions.


Administration and general enquiries

Stirling Community Centres - WK Moir - Balcatta is an unmanned/unstaffed facility and is administered from the City of Stirling Administration Centre. The below details may be used to check centre suitability/availability, submit an application form, or to make any other general enquiries. To arrange a viewing of the facilities during school times, contact Balcatta Senior High School on the details at the bottom of this page.


Stirling Community Centres Office

City of Stirling
Administration Centre
25 Cedric Street
Stirling WA 6021

Direct Telephone (08) 9205 8489

Direct Email RecreationCentres@stirling.wa.gov.au


Activities and user groups

Stirling Community Centres - WK Moir - Balcatta is home to several regular hire groups who conduct a variety of activities. The below table lists the groups based on their hired days. For more information about their activity, click on their name to be taken to their website/send them an email or alternatively call the office (contact details above) for further information.



​​Carine Calisthenics Association of WA Training
Futurestars Badminton ClubScarborough Junior Basketball Club PracticeCarine Calisthenics Association of WA TrainingCarine Calisthenics Association of WA Training
Greenwood Badminton Club
UWA Badminton Club

Futurestars Badminton ClubFuturestars Badminton Club
Futurestars Badminton Club
Balcatta Social Badminton ClubNQ Club Social Badminton
Duncraig South Badminton Club

Balcatta Senior High School​​

For information about Balcatta Senior High School, or to arrange a viewing of the sports hall or M5 dance studio during school times, call reception on (08) 9345 8200.