​Beaches, coastal reserves and the Scarborough Amphitheatre are great venues for large and small events, promotions, photography, and more. This page provides the information you need to make a booking.

The City of Stirling is responsible for facilitating and overseeing the staging of various activities, promotions, events, competitions and more held along the coast.  Most activity on beaches and coastal reserves requires approval by the City to ensure the safety of all involved, availability of the areas and that all activity complies with local laws and legislation.

The responsibility of the City is to:

  • Authorise bookings and approvals for activities such as filming, photography, competitions and more;
  • Oversee authorised events held at the beach to ensure they adhere to Local Laws and Terms and Conditions of beach usage;
  • Ensuring all necessary measures are taken for the smooth conduct of events including availability of venues and impact on the general public and local businesses. 

Do I need to book?

Activities that do require approval are those that include one or more of the following; are open to the public, have over 500 people attending, are licensed, have food or drink being sold or given away, that impact on the general public usage of beaches and coastal areas, have potential noise and parking implications.  These activities include concerts, promotions, product sampling, weddings, photography and filming, personal training and outdoor fitness classes and all activity within the Scarborough Amphitheatre.

Activities that do not require approval include small, private gatherings, general swimming, picnics and general exercise.

All venue hire bookings must be submitted on the Beaches Hire Application Form and adhere to the Beach Services - Terms and Conditions of Hire.  Please read these prior to submitting an application.

Fees apply to most bookings and these will be discussed with you upon receipt of your booking form.  The submission of the booking forms do not guarantee your booking; an Officer will contact you to discuss your application.

Planning an Event In the City?

The City welcomes a diverse range of sporting, music, arts and cultural events from external event coordinators.  All event applications are assessed individually and inline with the future direction of the City.   

Please refer to our Event Planning and Opportunities page.

Small events, photography, product sampling and general usage

Small events, such as private gatherings, product sampling, promotions, photography and others, are events that: 

  • Are not open to the public
  • Have less than 500 people
  • Do not impact the community/local residents.
Per Hour:  $20.00*
*For Beaches/Beach Reserves bookings with less than five hours of hire. Charged per area/facility, per hour.
Per Day: $100.00**
**For Beaches/Beach Reserves bookings with five or more hours of hire. Charged per area/facility, per day.

Please read the Terms and Conditions of Hire and submit a Beaches Hire Application Form at least 4 weeks before your event.


The City no longer accepts bookings for wedding ceremonies at the Scarborough Amphitheatre.  Please enquire with the Booking Officer about other beach areas suitable for weddings on 9205 7472.

Personal Training

As of 1 July 2010 Personal Trainers are required to obtain a permit to conduct business at the City's beaches and reserves.  Trading without a permit could result in fines issues by City's Ranger.

Please refer to the City's Personal Training page for more information. 

Large events

A large event is defined as any event that: 

  • Has over 500 people, or is open to the general public
  • Requires temporary structures, liquor licensing or food/drink vendors
  • Potentially impacts the community/local residents (increased traffic, noise, crowds , impact on local business).

An Event Application must be submitted at least 6 weeks prior to the event date to allow adequate time for approvals.  Please read the information on our Event Planning and Opportunities webpage.  Please note the venue must be booked prior to submitting an Event Application so contact the Booking Officer on 9205 7472 for venue availability.  


Licensed Events: $6,000.00 (min) - $10,000.00* (max) per event

(i.e.​​ commercial event 3 days, excluding bump in and out, selling food and/or beverages, all power and water usage, clean of the Amphitheatre before and after the event, beach cleaning)

Unlicensed Events:  $1,000.00 (min) - $5,000.00* (max) per event

(i.e. excluding bump in and out, not selling food and/or beverages, all power and water usage, clean of the Amphitheatre before and after the event, beach cleaning)

Bond: $2000.00 - $5000.00*

*Prices for all other events are upon application.

Need more information?

For more information contact (08) 9205 7472 or email: Beaches@stirling.wa.gov.au