​How to join

Join at a libraryImportant: If you are under the age of 18, you will need to complete your membership form at a library and be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

  • Complete a membership form at a library branch
  • Join online. 

Join at a library

You can join at any of the City of Stirling libraries.  Please make sure you bring proof of your name, photo identification, signature and address. Documents we accept include:

  • Western Australian driver’s licence with current address
  • Bank passbook with current address
  • Current City of Stirling rates notice
  • Social Security card with current address
  • WA Motor Vehicle registration with current address.  

Join online

Why not join online? You will be presented with a temporary library card number that enables you to reserve items.

To complete your membership, you will need to visit a library and provide proof of your name , photo identification, signature and address.

Items you can borrow and conditions of use

Your library card enables you to borrow items from any of the City of Stirling libraries. Remember to bring your library card with you to borrow items from the library.
You can borrow a combination of up to 20 items on your card, including:
  • Books
  • Magazines
  • DVDs

All items can be borrowed for up to 3 weeks. You can renew items 10 times by phone, in person or online, before they are overdue.

Items reserved by another borrower may not be renewed and must be returned by their due date.

As a library member you are responsible for all the items borrowed on your card. Please take good care of the items you borrow.

For further information, download the below Conditions of Use document
City of Stirlings Libraries -  Conditions of Use

Lost or stolen library cards

Please report all lost or stolen library cards immediately, so that you are not charged for any items borrowed by an unauthorised person.

A fee will be charged to replace lost or damaged library cards.

Information for temporary City of Stirling visitors

If you are visiting the area or are in temporary accommodation, you can join as a temporary member. You’ll need to pay a refundable deposit to use the library.