Sustainability at the City of Stirling


Energy and Emissions

The City uses energy to power operations and services. Read about the City's energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, and completed sustainable and renewable energy projects.

Climate Change Adaptation

Read about the City's Climate Change Adaptation Plan which identifies what climate risks are a priority to the City's business and identifies adaptation actions that will treat, or reduce the consequence of the risks identified.

Green City

The City undertakes annual tree planting programs and aerial vegetation surveys to monitor tree canopy cover across the City. Trees are important to the City as they reduce the 'heat island effect' and absorb carbon in the air.


The City works to divert waste from landfill. Waste streams recovered by the City include municipal (residential), construction and demolition, commercial and industrial, and hazardous waste.


Rainfall in Western Australia is decreasing and available water is declining. The City actively conserves water, however, the maintenance and operation of the City's facilities, aquatic centres, parks and reserves require large amounts of water.