The City of Stirling has made a number of local laws which regulate and manage activities throughout the City. These local laws are enforceable through the courts. This page contains all the current local laws that are in force in the City of Stirling.
A local government may make local laws under the provisions of the Local Government Act 1995.
You can download the current locals laws from the links below:
Bee Keeping Local Law 2008.pdfBee Keeping Local Law 200821/06/2016 11:3851 KB
Dogs Local Law 2008.pdfDogs Local Law 200821/06/2016 11:39106 KB
Fencing Local Law 2008.pdfFencing Local Law 200821/06/2016 11:39114 KB
Health Local Law 2009.pdfHealth Local Law 20096/08/2015 13:46313 KB
Keeping and Control of Cats Local Law 1999.pdfKeeping and Control of Cats Local Law 19997/06/2012 10:2050 KB
Local Government Property Local Law 2009.pdfLocal Government Property Local Law 200915/08/2016 11:10198 KB
Meeting Procedures Local Law 2009.pdfMeeting Procedures Local Law 200925/10/2016 10:06329 KB
Parking Local Law 2014.pdfParking Local Law 201415/11/2016 9:34342 KB
Pest Plant Local Law 2012.pdfPest Plant Local Law 201223/11/2012 13:0722 KB
Prevention and Abatement of Dust and Liquid Waste Local Law 2002.pdfPrevention and Abatement of Dust and Liquid Waste Local Law 20027/06/2012 10:1827 KB
Thoroughfares and Public Places Local Law 2009.pdfThoroughfares and Public Places Local Law 20093/03/2017 11:30195 KB
Waste Management Local Law 2010.pdfWaste Management Local Law 20106/08/2015 13:4777 KB