This section contains information about new and existing City of Stirling Council policies and Local Laws, especially with regard to parking.

Local Laws

The City of Stirling has made a number of local laws which regulate and manage activities throughout the City. These local laws are enforceable through the courts. This page contains all the current local laws that are in force in the City of Stirling.

Policy and Local LawsPolicies

One of the City of Stirling functions under the Local Government Act 1995 is to make policy. These policies form part of the City of Stirling's decision-making framework. This page contains the current City of Stirling Policy Manual as well as a listing of new and revised policies.
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Proposed Local Laws

This page contains public notice of proposals to amend, review or create local laws in the City of Stirling.
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Parking laws and infringements

The City of Stirling implements Local Laws and Parking Agreements to maximise the use of available space and to provide access to parking for all motorists. If you wish to appeal your infringement, you must do so within 28 days from the issue of the fine or further costs may be added.
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