​​​​Find out about City of Stirling Council meetings, including dates of upcoming meetings and agendas. You can also find out about Electors' meetings, attending Council meetings and submitting a petition.

Council meeting agendas and minutes

The Council of the City of Stirling consists of the 14 elected Councillors sitting as one body, with the Mayor as Presiding Member. Council is the policy and decision making body for the City. The Chief Executive Officer and the Directors of the Business Units also attend Council meetings to assist the Councillors with information as required. This section contains all of the City of Stirling Council minutes and agendas as far back as 2004.
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Council meeting dates

The City of Stirling Council meets at 7.00pm on the first and third Tuesday of every month. Members of the public are welcome to attend and ask questions.
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Electors' meetings

The Local Government Act 1995 states that the City of Stirling must hold an Electors' General Meeting once every financial year. In addition, an Electors' Special Meeting may be called for by submitting a petition to the Mayor, signed by 100 electors.
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Attending Council and Committee meetings

Members of the public are welcome to attend City of Stirling Council and Committee meetings. Statements ('deputations') can be made at Committee meetings, and questions may be asked at Council meetings. A submission form must be completed in advance, with sufficient time for complex questions to be researched before answering. Find out more about how to get involved.
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Electors may petition the City of Stirling Council to take action on a matter, but certain conditions must be met to ensure authenticity. Any Councillor or the City's CEO can present the petition at an Ordinary Council Meeting, and the Business Unit responsible will contact the petitioners.
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Search Minutes and Agendas

To view minutes and agendas of past Council and c​committee​ meetings, please enter your search term in the below search field. Minutes and agendas from 2006 to present are currently available via the search interface.