There are 24 natural and 13 artificial lakes and wetlands in the City of Stirling. Find out about our conservation management plans in place to protect the biodiversity of the area, especially the migratory wetland birds.  Lakelands and wetlands in the City of StirlingThere are several lakes and wetlands within the City of Stirling, which form part of a “chain of wetlands” that run north–south along the Swan Coastal Plain within the Spearwood, Bassendean and Quindalup dune systems. A total of 37 specific sites are managed to prevent weed invasion, improve biodiversity and to prevent a decline in water quality. Of these, 24 are naturally occurring and 13 have been artificially constructed. Most are the result of winter and spring rains as well as stormwater discharge.  Wetlands vary in size and conservation significance. Carine Lakes, Lake Gwelup and Herdsman Lake are regionally significant wetlands supporting a wide variety of life, including: Migratory waterbirdsLong-neck turtlesVarious frog speciesPaperbark treesA range of rush and sedge varieties. Wetland birds Download the Wetland Birds brochure to learn more about:What are wetland birds?What are migratory wetland birds?Wetland birds in the City of StirlingHow can I be a good bird observer?Wetland hot spots in the City of StirlingCommon wetland birds in the City of Stirling (a visual guide)Wetland protection strategy and management planThe City of Stirling is currently developing a Wetlands Protection Strategy to provide strategies for the management of our wetlands into the future.  For an example of a wetlands management plan, download the Lake Gwelup Mangement Plan 2006 - 2011, which contains information about the:Study areas, objectives and aimsBushland condition mapping, flora and fauna inventories, and public consultation processesPlanning contextPhysical, biological, social and built environmentsManagement plan and implementation programFunding sources.Contact usFor further information please contact City’s Environmental Officer Natural Areas via email or on (08) 9205 8555.