Foxes and rabbits are not native to Australia, and their presence has become a threat to the balance of the natural plant and animal species. The City of Stirling has a control program in place, and would appreciate if the public could assist in reporting fox sightings.

Foxes and rabbits are introduced animals in Australia and their presence has had a detrimental impact on the native environment.

Foxes are predators. The majority of small native Australian animals have evolved over time without the presence of natural predators, and therefore have not developed the instinct to flee, making them easy prey for foxes and cats.

Rabbits are grazing herbivores and can breed rapidly in favourable conditions, increasing their populations dramatically. This has an effect on local native plant species, and the native animals that rely on those plant species for food, as high populations of rabbits can consume all the young green growth and significantly reduce vegetative cover. This then leads to soil erosion and problems with plant regeneration, as young seedlings are grazed before they are mature enough to produce seeds.

The City of Stirling undertakes fox and rabbit control programs in a number of reserves, using humane and approved methods. Please assist us by informing us of fox sightings in your local reserves.

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For further information please contact City's Environmental Officer Natural Areas via email or on (08) 9205 8555.