Acidity, fire, pests, foreign species, water pollution and degradation of native plants are some of the major environmental issues in the City of Stirling. Find out more about these issues in the City of Stirling.

Acidity in soil and water

Higher-than-average acidity in soils and water can cause significant problems such as degradation of the natural environment, loss of land productivity and damage to infrastructure. Find out what the City of Stirling is doing to manage this issue.
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Fire is a serious threat to both bushlands and infrastructure during the warmer months, and can occur naturally, accidentally or deliberately. The City of Stirling conducts fire break maintenance to protect our reserves and the surrounding infrastructure. Report all fires to 000.
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Fox and rabbit invasion

Foxes and rabbits are not native to Australia, and their presence has become a threat to the balance of the natural plant and animal species. The City of Stirling has a control program in place, and would appreciate if the public could assist in reporting fox sightings.
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Midge swarms

Midges swarm when the spring brings ample food and warm temperatures for breeding. There are no chemicals that can effectively control midge populations, but there are a few measures that can be taken to prevent swarming around your home.
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Native trees and bushland degradation

Dumping of waste in reserves is illegal, and could cause weed seeds to germinate and invade the bushland, so please report any dumping you come across. Also, find out about bushland degradation, native tree decline, dieback fungus, and how to manage these issues.
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Water quality

Drains carry pollutants from residential areas that are harmful to the environment. Find out about how the City of Stirling is working to combat the issue of declining water quality.
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Weed invasion

Weeds are plants which are not native to the area and threaten the natural vegetation. Find out how you can assist the City of Stirling by controlling weeds on your private properties. This page also contains information about drainage sump spraying.
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Water source protection areas

Find out about water source protection areas in the City of Stirling. These areas are defined to manage the risk of pollution of the water source where these sources co-exist with other land uses.
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