Find out about the natural environment within the City of Stirling, which includes bushland, coastal areas, lakes and wetlands, and great biodiversity. Also learn more about our environmental challenges and projects, and the Henderson Environmental Centre.


Biodiversity Biodiversity is important for a sustainable local environment and is not static but constantly changing. Developments should not adversely affect the biodiversity of the surrounding areas. Find out about the City of Stirling's local biodiversity strategy.
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Find out about locally and regionally significant bushlands within the City of Stirling boundaries, including information on biodiversity.
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Management Plans

Star Swamp Reserve is located approximately 14 km north north-west of the Perth central business district (CBD) in the suburbs of Watermans Bay and North Beach in the City of Stirling.
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Coastal dunes and beaches

Coastal dunes and beaches are some of the most heavily used sections of the Perth metropolitan coastline. Find out about the policies and principles that govern coastal conservation in the City of Stirling.
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Lakelands and wetlands

There are 24 natural and 13 artificial lakes and wetlands in the City of Stirling. Find out about our conservation management plans in place to protect the biodiversity of the area, especially the migratory wetland birds.
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Environmental issues

Acidity, fire, pests, foreign species, water pollution and degradation of native plants are some of the major environmental issues in the City of Stirling. Find out more about these issues in this section.
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Environmental projects

The City of Stirling undertakes a number of environmental projects in its bushland, wetland and coastal reserves each year as part of its capital works program. Find out about current and past environmental projects.
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Henderson Environmental Centre

The Henderson Environmental Centre is a 'sustainable' building within the City of Stirling's Star Swamp Reserve. The centre is a popular venue for community, educational, corporate, and private events.
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