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Community services sector

The City of Stirling’s Family Services Team are committed to working with and supporting the Community Services sector to provide relevant, accessible, collaborative programs and services for families within the City of Stirling. This website will provide information specifically for service providers on professional development opportunities, research and resources, grant or funding opportunities and other relevant information. Please check back here regularly for updates. 


Premiers Australia Day Active Citizenship Awards 2013

Do you know someone or a community group you would like to nominate for the Premiers Australia Day Active Citizenship Awards 2013 who: 

  • Has significantly contributed to the local community?
  • Is a strong leader on a community issue and enhances community life?
  • Is involved in a significant initiative which has brought about positive change?
  • Has inspiring qualities as a role model for the community?

If yes, The City of Stirling, in association with the Australia Day Council of Western Australia (ADCWA), invites you to nominate these great ambassadors who act as role models for the community and embody national pride to receive the Australia Day Active Citizenship Award.

Nominations close Friday 23 November 2012 . You can find nomination forms on the Australia Day Council website
Professional development 

Dialogue and community development

There is much to talk about regarding the importance of dialogue, conversation and engagement in community development practice. This workshop helps figure out what 'dialogue' looks like for those involved in community development. For further information view the flyer

Assessing families in dispute in the Family Court of WA 

This one day workshop outlines the process of preparing family assessment reports for the Family Court of WA. It will be of interest to social workers who work with families in dispute involved with the Court and for those who conduct assessments of individuals and families where decisions around risk and risk management are required. View the flyer for more information.

Introduction to counselling 

This course provides an introduction to the theory and practice of counselling, with particular emphasis on listening and problem solving skills for individuals involved in caring for others. For more details view the flyer and to register, view the form below.

Working therapeutically with children

This two day workshop has a main focus on how to enter a child’s world and relate to them in their own language in a therapeutic way. Both non-directive and directive approaches will be explored. View the flyer for more information and to register, view the form below.
Registration form - Working therapeutically with children

Behaviour Tonics workshops

Behaviour Tonics provides parents, teachers and parent educators with practical advice and information via training courses and private consultations based in Perth, Behaviour Tonics are specialists in 1-2-3 Magic and Emotion Coaching and are the only licensed practitioner and teacher trainers in WA and NT. Visit the links below for further information.

Workshops for parents
Workshops for parent educators
Workshops for teachers

Perspectives on children, families and mental health

Ruah's Perspectives team are offering 3 three workshops. For topics and further details see the flyer 

Disability Services Commission (DSC) interdisciplinary training programs

DSC'S Healthy Start Project Officer has provided some early information on an upcoming Healthy Start training event planned for Perth in October 2012. The training will be specifically surrounding work with parents with learning difficulties. Please see the information sheet for further details.

The nuts and bolts of sexual health

This three day course develops the fundamental knowledge, attitudes and skills required to support and educate people around sexual health issues. It has a particular focus on working with young people, including Aboriginal young people. For full details see the information sheet.

Service provider workshop programs for families

Please find the Term 3 or Semester 2 workshop programs of several service providers below.

Perinatal mental health and dads - The elephant in the nursery

Dads are invited to attend a one-day symposium devoted to dads and acknowledging the “elephant in the nursery” in the context of the
modern family. Please see the flyer for further information and feel free to pass on to any clients who it may benefit.


Listed below are links to information on a range of conferences being held in WA, interstate and internationally in 2012-2013. 
Let's Talk Culture-Police, Culture and Mental Health OSHCwa Conference - The wonder years (Outside School Hours Care)

Resources, research and information 


Swap It - October campaign update

The ‘Swap It, Don’t Stop It’ campaign is an initiative from the Australian Government to encourage and educate all Australians to make healthier lifestyle choices and reduce their risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers. For further information visit Alternatively, view the October update


Livelighter is an initiative by the Heart Foundation that encourages West Australian adults to lead healthier lifestyles, to make changes to what they eat and drink, and to be more active. Check out the Livelighter website for information, tips and recipes.

Tuning in to kids

Tuning in to kids is a parenting program designed to improve parental emotional awareness, child behaviour and emotional knowledge. Below are some articles and research about this program.

Tuning in to kids: An emotion-focused parenting program - initial findings from a community trial
Tuning in to Kids: improving emotion socialization practices in parents of preschool children – findings from a community trial
Tuning in to kids - overview and findings
Building Preschool Children’s Emotional Competence: A Parenting Program

Respectful relationships

The Sexual Assault Resource Centre (SARC) is offering 1 hour presentations to high school students on respectful relationships. For further information see the flyer.

Respectful Relationships flyer
Respectful Relationships request form  

Education and Care Services National Law (WA) Act 2012 and the Regulations

Services who would like an electronic copy of the new Education and Care Services National Law (WA) Act 2012 and the Regulations, can obtain them via the link below.
National regulations

Telethon Institute of Child Health Research report

The Telethon Institute of Child Health Research report "To investigate the resources and support available to women accessing maternity system services, who are at risk of family/domestic violence" was commissioned by the Women's and Newborns Health Service and undertaken by Dr Jenny Dodd. A summary of the report and a copy of the full report can be found below.

Full report

Nar-Anon Family Groups

Nar-Anon Family Groups is an anonymous self-help program for relatives and friends of compulsive drug users. The group assists families to gain an understanding of addictive behaviour and provide comfort, support and tools that can lead to sanity and serenity. For more information visit the Nar-Anon website.

Wellbeing monitoring framework

In early March the Commissioner for Children and Young People tabled 2 reports in the Western Australian Parliament:

  • The State of Western Australia's Children and Young People, and
  • Building Blocks - Best practice programs that improve the wellbeing of children and young people

These two reports, together with the Profile of Western Australian Children and Young People  completed in August 2011, make up the Commissioner's Wellbeing Monitoring Framework.

Copies of all 3 reports can be found on the Commissioner's website.

COPMI Parenting resources for Dads

Children of Parents With a Mental Illness (COPMI) have developed a suite of resources to assist Dads with a mental illness (or who have a partner with a mental illness) with parenting. For more information or to order a free campaign pack see the link below.
Think About Dad - Do It For His Kids

Health Consumer Council (HCC)

An opportunity is available to host a talk to improve community health through increased health literacy. Talks last 30 minutes and cover information on:

  • Using WA's health system
  • Rights and responsibilities as a health consumer
  • Where to go if you are having difficulties using the health system
  • The Health Consumers' Council, it's Advocacy services, Consumer Participation and Speakers' Bureau Programmes and events
  • How you can get involved

 For further details see the flyers below.

Free information sessions
HCC flyer
Request for presentation form

Bang On - group drumming workshops

These group drumming workshops can be tailored and packaged to suit your needs and workshops are suitable for the training and development of adults, youth, children and special needs. See the flyer for details.


Celebrate Ability Day - expression of interest 

Disability Services Commission and community network groups would like to extend an invitation to service providers to participate in 'Celebrate Ability Day'. The event will be held on Friday 7 December at Mirrabooka Square Shopping Centre. If you would like to have a stall, present information, run an activity or share successes then view the flyer for details on how to get involved.

Post Natal Depression (PND) Awareness Week is approaching - Get Involved!

This year, Postnatal Depression Awareness Week runs from Sunday 18 November to Saturday 24 November. During PND Awareness Week, beyondblue is encouraging everyone to help raise awareness and reduce stigma. View the flyer promoting PND Week, which you may like to use and pass on to your contacts and local community. 

Funding opportunities

Youth Activities Grants

Funding of up to $5000 each is offered for community organisations to develop projects that encourage young people to get involved in innovative and challenging community projects and activities.  Projects must benefit young people between 12-25 years. For further information visit the Department for Communities website

Newsletters from other service providers

Please find below a list of links to newsletters from other service providers.

Service in the spotlight

If you would like us to showcase your service please send a brief overview of your service and contact details to

Parkerville Children and Youth Care (inc)

From our Mirrabooka office we offer a number of services:

Therapeutic Family Services (TFS)

Therapeutic Family Services (TFS) encompasses multiple programmes operated by Parkerville Children and Youth Care, dedicated to providing children, youth, adults and their families with therapeutic support. All TFS clinicians are experienced Psychologists who provide a range of interventions aimed at improving individual and family functioning, including clinical assessment and individual psychotherapy. Although skilled in a broad range of treatment areas, TFS clinicians specialise in the treatment of trauma related issues.
Programmes include: 
  • Trauma Assessment and Treatment Service
  • Child Sexual Abuse Therapy Service

The service operates during business hours from Monday to Friday, including during school holidays. For further information or to make a referral, please contact Sian Trigwell on 9349 9180 or email

Support and Counselling Service (SACS)

We provide an outreach support service for families who have children between the ages of 4 and 14 years old. To be eligible for this service the family will be engaged with either the Supported Housing Assistance Programme (SHAP) or the National Affordable Housing Agreement (NAHA). Common referrers are SHAP or NAHA workers at Centrecare, Mission Australia, Anglicare, Foundation Housing and many others. We also accept self-referrals.

SACS has developed a wide range of practical and therapeutic services to help address issues that are associated with homelessness. SACS work with children and parents to bring about sustainable change within the family. We complete a care plan to assess the needs of the family and the family directs us in what assistance we provide them.

Some of the services we can provide are:
  • Supportive Counselling Sessions
  • In home family support around boundaries, rules and reward systems
  • Protective Behaviours
  • Mentoring
  • Links with education, health, justice, community and recreational support.
  • Agency and school liaison
  • Life Skills Groups for boys and girls, Kindy Readiness Groups and Healthy Eating Groups
The service operates during business hours from Monday to Friday, including school holidays.  For further information or to make a referral, please contact Janine Parslow on 9349 9180 or email

School Based Support Services (SBSS)

In partnerships with schools, Parkerville Children and Youth Care provides a range of targeted and easily accessible services for children and families within the school campus.  These School Based Support Services (SBSS) aim to provide support to families, increase the resilience of children and strengthen links between schools and their local communities.
Activities available to participating schools include:
  • Information and assistance.
  • Individual support and counselling.
  • Psycho Educational Group Programmes 
  • Keeping Kids Safe (Protective Behaviours)
  • Building Healthy Relationships
  • Dealing with strong emotions
  • Don’t Rock the Boat 
  • Workshops for parents to enable them to support their child’s learning in the programme and promote open communication with their children. 
  • Training of school staff to deliver the programme, building the capacity of the school to sustain learning across school years.
  • Facilitate activities that build positive relationships between school and parents.
  • Supporting the development of parent groups.
The service operates during school hours, excluding school holidays. The day(s) the service operates is dependent upon on the school hosting the programme.  For further information or to make a referral, please contact Janine Parslow on 9349 9180 or email
Parkerville website:

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