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Verge collections

Find out when your next verge collection date is for green waste and household junk in the City of Stirling.  This page also contains bulk waste collection information.


Verge collection days 

The City of Stirling now provides TWO (2) verge collections each year, comprising of ONE household junk collection and ONE green waste collection.   

Rubbish can be placed on the verge nine (9) days prior to the scheduled collection date.

Please Note - some collection areas are spread over two collection zones.  This will mean that collection dates will vary for certain suburbs!  The City is now issuing leaflets to all collection areas 9-12 days prior to the start of a your collection.  LOOK out for this coming soon in your mailbox.
Collection dates for July 2014 to June 2015 are now available.  See below document for your collection times.
The City is now issuing leaflets to all collection areas 9-12 days prior to the start of a your collection. LOOK out for this coming soon in your mailbox.


Changes to Waste Collection

The City will switch to a three-bin kerbside collection system as part of a new strategy to manage household waste. Community  feedback resulted in overwhelming support for a three-bin service for household waste as well as alternative services for green and bulk junk waste collections. To maximise the City’s recycling efforts in line with WA Waste Authority targets, the following changes will be introduced from July 2015:
·         Green verge waste to be collected on a nine-month cycle
·         Bulk junk verge collections replaced with a skip bin, available on demand.
·         Council tip passes issued with annual rate notices, along with the City’s Waste Guide.
The City has paid for the purchase and roll-out of the three bin system at no cost to the ratepayer however there will be a service charge for the collection and processing of these bins which will be included within your rates notice from July 2015.  See the below PDF’s of letter sent to ratepayers following Council’s decision on this matter as well as FAQ’s to answer any questions you may have in relation to this change. 
To keep residents informed about the changes, updates will be posted on this page and advertised in the local papers when further information is available.

Community Waste and Recycling Guide 2014/2015 and Tip Passes

The New 2014/2015 Waste Guide will now be included in your rates notices along with your tip passes. no tip passes will be issued to residents/tennants who do not receive a rates notice. this decision was made by Council at the Council meeting 3 June 2014.


Verge collection rules 

Frequently Asked Question:

Q:  What can I put on my verge and what can't I put on my verge?

A: Most household junk is acceptable on the verge, however car parts, Tyres, building materials, hazardous chemicals, Paint, glass doors, glass windows, ASBESTOS sheeting are NOT allowed on the verge.

Download the PDF below for a full list of items that can go on the verge and a list of items that cannot go on the verge. Verge Dos and Don'ts

 Important Notes:
  • Green waste Bags can be collected from Herb Graham Rec Centre, City of Stirling Administration Office  and City of Stirling Recycling Centre Balcatta, Hazardous Waste Section 9.  Bring in your official bag voucher (included on your green waste tip pass) to verify residency and collect bags.
  • New green waste bag vouchers for 2014-2015 will be available August 2014, look for your new "Waste & Recycling Guide" for these vouchers and your 3 new tip passes.
  • Green waste and household junk must only be placed on your verge 9 (NINE) Days before the respective collections.
  • Please do not place greenwaste in cardboard boxes as these will not be collected.
  • Please - DO NOT Prune Verge Trees - pruning of verge trees is illegal and will result in an infringement being issued.  Green waste from illegally pruned verge trees will not be removed by the City.
  • Please do not start putting items on the verge until 9 Days before your scheduled collection time.
  • Collection dates information will be published in the Stirling Times, Guardian Express and Eastern Reporter, from the web pages or contacting the call centre on 9205 8555.
  • Placing items on your verge early or late is considered illegal dumping and is subject to heavy fines (up to $62,500).
  • Do not place any junk on Park or Reserve verges as this is illegal dumping and heavy fines also apply.
  • Do not place materials on the verge that will obstruct footpaths and driveways, overhang on the road or obstruct the view from the driveway.
  • Keep all materials clear of fences, water metres, sprinklers and any fixed objects
  • Comply with the instructions contained in the waste & recycling guide.
  • Avoid leaving old child restraints on the verge to ensure child safety they can be dropped off at the City of Stirling Works Depot 16 Natalie Way Balcatta for recycling.

Mattresses and bed bases

Did you know that Australians send over 1.25 million mattresses to landfill each year?. Mattresses and bed bases will now be collected from verges during the ONE Junk Collection Period.   Residents will also be given ONE free junk tip pass to dispose of a mattress and base when junk collections are not occurring.

All mattresses and bed bases recycled at the Recycling Centre Balcatta will attract a disposal fee if no tip pass is produced.   The fee for Mattresses and Bases is currently $21.50 each and payable at the weighbridge. 
Alternatively residents/customers can recycle mattresses directly with the Hazelmere Recycling Centre.  A recycling fee still applies at Hazelmere. Please call (08) 9274 7807 for details.

Mattresses are stored in a separate area near the disposal wall for transportation to the Hazelmere Recycling Centre.  All materials in the mattress are recycled, timber into reusable woodchips, springs to scrap steel and foam/wadding into carpet underlay
For more information refer to the Recycling Centre Balcatta  web page.


What happens to the collected waste?

As a sustainable City, the City of Stirling aims to minimise the amount of waste sent to landfill.  Effective from mid 2012 the WA Waste Strategy requires local governments to increase diversion from landfill, changes to the verge collections will enable the City to meet the targets set in the Strategy and send less waste to landfill. 
The new verge collection system will result in greater recycling of valuable materials and keep the City in line with it's "Clean & Waste Wise" targets.
Various plastics, scrap metal/white goods, mattresses/bases and e-waste taken from the household junk collection will be recycled subject to available resources and markets.

All the green waste collected is shredded and used to make horticultural products such as mulch and compost.  When recycling garden waste by mulching or composting, the carbon is returned to the soil and locked away until bacteria and plants consume it as part of the carbon cycle.

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